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5th Anniversary for restaurants in downtown Woodstock

Freight Kitchen & Tap is the restaurant in downtown Woodstock that is having their 5th anniversary! Restaurant years are kind of like dogs years, right? We are very proud to be an established 5 year old. We have grown and evolved over the years and continue to learn from our guests every step of the way. We have cultivated our cuisine into the unique southern fare that reflects in our menu. The Woodstock community is the best and we value all the relationships we have developed over the years and look forward to more to come.

Farm Vegetables for 5th Anniversary
Fresh produce makes for fresh dishes every time.

The relationships with local farms also developed over time. We value the easy access to local fresh produce that we love to use any chance we get. The farm to table approach to delivering fresh dishes is something we are proud of doing consistently. In this season, fall fruits and vegetables are our focus.

Come join us for our 5th Anniversary on Tuesday, November 1st. We will be celebrating and would love to share it with you.

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