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Valentine dinner plate

Valentine’s Day Dinner in Woodstock, GA

A delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner is on the horizon. Chef Bobby creates a beautiful menu for a fixed priced special dinner to be served on February 14th. Al a carte pricing is also available as well as a “favorites” selection off our everyday menu. Book your table now while they last.

Valentine's Day Dinner

A 3 course romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is on the way! What better way to spend quality time with your special someone or your close friends than to leisurely choose your favorites from a special menu. It is a great opportunity to slow down and take in the experience.

Valentine's Day Dinner Roses in vase

The first course is a choice from 3 appetizers. It can be hard to choose but if you bring friends, you can each order different things and then share. It is a fun way to taste many things all evening. It is a challenge to decide which appetizer; a pate, hummus, or stuffed squash blossom.

The second course is a choice from 4 entrees. Choosing from 4 yummy dishes is even harder but don’t worry, either way, it will be so good. Again, a good strategy here is to invite friends and plan to each choose different things and share in the delicious glory! A choice between a crusted filet, lobster, mushroom risotto, or chicken means you can’t lose.

The third and final course is a choice from 3 desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, this might be the most challenging choice of all. How does one pick from raspberry cream puff, speciality chocolates, and strawberry shortcake? You can see from the video provided, that the strawberry shortcake is going to be incredible.

Chef Bobby has thoughtfully constructed this menu for all kinds of diets as well. If you are vegetarian, or gluten sensitive, you have options here. What is he trying to do, make it irresistible or something? YES!!

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