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Pairing Wine

Pairing Wine with Farm to Table Dishes

Pairing wine with farm to table dishes is a science and an art. So, highlighting the qualities of fresh food with organically produced wine takes some thought. It is worth the effort as it is the recipe for a meal to remember! Get tickets now.

Pairing Wine with Farm to Table Dishes

Domaine Bousquet

We are serving a 5 course dinner on March 1st that features 5 Domaine Bousquet wines. We create each dish to pair well with the selected wines. See our 5 course dinner menu.

For course 1, the crispiness and soft flavor of the Domaine Bousquet Chardonnay will pair well with the flaky exterior of empanadas and offer a contrast the the rich flavorful fillings.

Domaine Bousquet vineyard
Vineyards of Domaine Bousquet

We chose the Gaia, which is a blend of all grapes from Domaine Bousquets’s vineyard, for our 2nd course. While tasting it, the Freight team observed such characteristics as “a lot of cherry,” and “very aromatic.” The presence of balanced tannins lends the wine to pair well with flavorful proteins like braised lamb. Also, the brightness of the fruit in this wine will balance well with the caramelization of the corn and blistered tomatoes.

We feature veal stew for our third course. With a slightly acidic nose and bold Malbec flavor, our team describes it as “not as spicy as some Malbec’s can be.” Since the Domaine Bousquet Malbec is very approachable, it pairs easily with a variety of foods. We chose the stew as a winter dish with neutral earthy flavors as compliment.

Cabernet Sauvignon from Domaine Bousquet is a straight forward red wine with nice “side of the tongue” tannins. We’re pairing this popular wine with a time honored tradition of the Argentinean people of eating right off the grill. Enjoy some ribeye steak, right off the grill, with your choice of traditional Argentinian sauces, potatoes, etc.

DB Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve spends an extra 10 months in French oak which smooths it and brings the fruit forward. This also gives it a richer flavor that can stand up to darker chocolates. It pairs well with creamy and strong cheeses, which is the plan for our final course of the evening.

As you can see, we have put a lot of thought into pairing these wines and embracing the Argentinian classics. We look forward to it and invite you to join us.

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