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Warm up with southern winter braises

When it comes to finding a restaurant in Woodstock, GA that offers traditional Southern winter braises, Freight Kitchen and Tap is the place you should be. The technique of braising is important culturally all over the world in that more often than not less tender non primal cuts of the animal can be made to be succulent and tender simply by cooking and simmering low and slow

For the chefs at our restaurant, a great southern braise is one that makes use of the most desirable indigenous vegetables as well as the popular cuts of meat that can’t simply be grilled, such as shank, shoulder, short ribs and more.

About the braise cooking technique

The culinary term ‘braise’ refers to high heat searing and slow simmering of meats and vegetables over a lengthy period of time. This is an important cooking technique across the world and here in Georgia, we have added our own southern flair.

Braise -A Rustic Lamb Osso Bucco. Here it is marinating with rosemary and red onion

The history of braising

In the once highly agrarian south, the technique of braising essentially gave cooks more hours in the day to attend to the chores of the farm. The phrase ‘set it and forget it’ could well apply in that once a braised meat was on the fire, regular monitoring could go from constant to almost non-existent.

Our team of southern chefs have mastered the tricky balance between braising versus stewing, giving them the ability to produce tasty, unique and creative winter meals right here at our restaurant in Woodstock, GA.

FREIGHT serves up a daily braise every night of the week, changing from cut-to-cut as well as animal. FREIGHT’s winter selection of braises focuses on delivering rich, succulent cuts of meat that offer a certain heartiness largely as a function of the sauce and accoutrements.  Our most popular braise is slow cooked beer braised pork shoulder served over local creamy cheddar grits and bacon braised greens. A good winter braise should warm the patron up inside and out leaving a great feeling of fullness.

For more information about our Woodstock restaurant’s winter braises, contact us today.

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