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Get Up and have Breakfast on the Weekend

Looking for a great breakfast spot? Freight Kitchen & Tap is your all-American restaurant in Woodstock GA that offers great food with a Southern flair.

Southerners love a big, hearty breakfast. Throughout American history, people have been enjoying Southern-style breakfasts, which usually went hand-in-hand with a full table that’s been laden with several different dishes for the family to enjoy. It wouldn’t be one bit surprising to find everything from French toast, pancakes and cinnamon buns to cranberry pastries, steak and crab cakes on a Southern style breakfast spread.

The tradition of enjoying a great breakfast goes back to when the South was largely a rural farming region. Southerners needed a large morning meal to build up (and sustain) enough energy for working on the farm all day. Today, large weekday breakfasts are quite rare; but the people of the South still enjoy a traditional Southern breakfast on weekends.

Southern breakfasts at Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock, GA

Kitchen Freight & Tap has explored this idea and found that Southern breakfasts are still extremely popular over the weekends. We make full, hearty breakfasts that feature all the great foods and tastes of the region. If you’re looking for a full, delicious plate of breakfast goods, visit Freight Kitchen & Tap – we make all the ingredients of a Southern breakfast come together!

Brunch Highlights

Our brunches feature classic dishes such as French toast, Monte Cristo Sandwiches, steak and eggs, crab cakes benedict, shrimp and grits, Southern Fare such as roasted pork and hoe cakes as well as a dish we call “Southern Drall”.

When you visit our restaurant in Woodstock, you can rest assured that everything is fresh and made from scratch. If you’re looking for homemade biscuits, fresh home fried potatoes and other pantried goods that are prepared daily, come and join us for a breakfast this weekend!

The best part is that you don’t have to get up early to enjoy a Southern Breakfast – we serve brunch and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

All-day DIY Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar

shrimp and grits and bloody barThe restaurant offers an all-day DIY Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar. The Bloody Mary Bar is stocked with dozens of traditional and exciting garnishes for your Bloody Mary experience, such as pickled beets, okra, sport peppers, cherry peppers, banana peppers, asparagus, oysters, sardines fresh horseradish, limes, lemons as well as various salts and seasonings and four different Bloody Mary mixes. The Mimosa Bar has several fresh cut fruit options as well as juices including pineapple, mango, cranberry and of course orange juice.

For more information about our dishes, visit our restaurant menu.

What are you waiting for? Pop in for a full Southern breakfast at our restaurant in Woodstock, GA this weekend!

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