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Restaurant Near Me – A Farm to Table Experience

Have you had a farm to table experience? You may have heard the term farm to table over the last few years. It is an approach to creating and serving food that has gained growing popularity. With the increase in awareness of genetically modified foods (GMOs) as well as the disappearing small family farm, many chefs and restauranteurs are adopting the farm to table approach to create inspired and elevated culinary experiences.

The Farm to Table Experience

These chefs and restaurants are motivated to take some of the extra steps necessary to use local sources. It is worth it, as they believe it has economic, health, and social benefits. Some of the first vocal advocates of this concept started on the west coast by food businesses like Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA,  Herbfarm in Washington, and Bon Appetit Managment Company in Palo Alto, CA. In the early 2000s to today, the movement rapidly moved across the country, including our lovely city, Woodstock, GA.

Freight Kitchen & Tap embraces this approach.Farm to Table Experience You may notice that the menu gets updated seasonally. The menu aligns to the ingredients available at local farmer’s markets and the small family farms, like Loud Mouth Farms. Also, we buy local products like Georgia Olive Oil, that we like to use. We design special event menus, like Valentine’s Day Dinner and our upcoming 5 course wine dinner, with local availability in mind.

Attention to sourcing locally has many benefits. Most basically, the food is fresher and therefore, tastes better. It also supports the local small business community. The farmer’s market vendor, the small family farm owner as well as the store owner that supplies local products. When the product is local, you know where it came from. There is a comfort in knowing what you are eating.

We encourage you to try a farm to table experience. Why? Because, it tastes better and feels good to be a part of strengthening the local community. EAT. DRINK. LOCAL.

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