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farm to table

Farm to Table in Woodstock, GA

Did you know that Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock, GA is a farm to table restaurant? If you don’t know what that means, we can help you out. The Oxford dictionary defines farm to table as “constituting, consisting of, or relating to fresh locally grown or produced food”. We’re here to tell you that’s what Freight is all about. Let us tell you about some of our local partners.

Farm to Table

in Woodstock, GA

Our friends at Forerunner Foods provide most of our local produce. They load us up with the best of the best when it comes to fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. If you’ve ever had our farmhouse salad or salmon salad, those yummy colorful ingredients come from Forerunner. You know those braised collard greens and fried brussel sprouts you love so much? You can give all the credit to Forerunner.

Have you tried our Georgia cheese plate appetizer? We don’t call it a Georgia cheese plate for no reason! It features three different cheeses from CalyRoad Creamery in Sandy Springs, GA. There’s just something special about locally made cheese, especially when served with house pickled veggies, preserved fruits, and nuts.

It’s not just our veggies and cheeses that come from our neighbors… it’s our beef too! That’s right – the steaks and burgers you eat at Freight are from Bear Creek Cattle Company in Ellijay, GA. These guys know a thing or two about beef. Our burgers you love so much are made with dry aged ground beef, giving them a unique and irresistible flavor. Have you tried our 10 oz. New York Strip steak? Yep, once again, that’s Bear Creek Cattle Company.

Next time you’re at Freight, ask your server for more details on what other local businesses we partner with. They love to talk up our community. Don’t forget local food goes great with local craft beer and we sure have plenty of that to offer too.