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pork chop at restaurants near me

Pork Chops at Restaurants Near Me

Do you wonder where you can get an awesome pork chop at “restaurants near me”? Look no further. Freight Kitchen & Tap has a delicious pork chop that can make anyone’s mouth water just by looking at it. It’s like love at first sight. Do you ever go out to eat and see a server with a dish in his or her hand and have to ask, “wow, what is THAT?!” Well, that’s a common situation with our pork chop.

So, what comes with our pork chop dish? It’s a 10 oz. bone-in Chesire pork chop aside jalapeno pimento corn souffle and topped with pickled apple. If you enjoy a juicy cut of meat with loads of flavor, this savory dish is for you. If you want to get fancy, pair your pork chop with a glass of wine. Because pork is fairly neutral, it pairs well with both white and red wines. For white, you want something with high acidity (perhaps sauvignon blanc) to combat the pork’s fattiness. For red, you want a light to medium body (maybe pinot noir) to avoid overpowering the meat’s flavor.

Do pork chops with wine sound romantic to you? If so, make that your Valentine’s Day dinner experience. We still have some wiggle room in our reservation system for tomorrow night. If you don’t have plans yet, come out to downtown Woodstock and eat with us! We love to make date night special for you, especially on the most romantic day of the year.

Also, don’t forget to check out our $32 three-course Valentine’s Day special tomorrow night. It includes Prince Edward Island mussels, steak, and a lovely dessert. We have deals on bottles of wine and offer a special chocolate covered strawberry martini as well. Sounds like Freight is the place to be for Valentine’s Day!