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Calyroad Creamery at Restaurants Near Me

A Visit with Local Partner CalyRoad at Restaurants Near Me

Who doesn’t love a good cheese? Even those who are lactose intolerant wish they could indulge. If you ever wonder which restaurants near me carry the best cheese, we have the answer. Freight Kitchen & Tap partners with locally based company, CalyRoad Creamery, to ensure we offer the freshest cheese selection. Recently, our culinary team took a tour of CalyRoad in Sandy Springs, GA to learn exactly how such delectable cheese is produced.

The art of cheesemaking is not simple. Robin Schick, CalyRoad owner and cheesemaker, takes just as much pride in local ingredients as we do. CalyRoad cheeses are made with milk from local cows and goats. Using the cheese vat, raw milk is pasteurized at a temperature of 145 degrees for 30 minutes. Curd knives and agitators are used to separate the curds and whey before curds are put into molds and pressed. After this, some cheeses, such as tomme, hit the aging room for three to six months. Anyway, enough about cheese, because what is cheese without wine? Thanks to the courteous sommeliers from Domaine Distributors, CalyRoad regularly hosts cheese pairing events with boutique wines. Update your pallet at one of these sophisticated pairings for just $10.

80s Night at Restaurants Near Me

Oh what a night

Things are livening up in downtown Woodstock, GA. Warm weather is creeping around and we simply can’t hide from it. For that reason, we are excited to announce the 2018 debut of Friday Night Live. Woodstock is kicking it off with ‘80s night. Come out for a night of fun Friday March 2nd and be sure to wear your best ‘80s attire. Our staff will certainly dress to impress! Friday Night Live takes place on the first Friday of every month with alternating themes. With this month’s theme being ‘80s, we want to see some bold outfits. Fanny packs, velour, parachute pants, ripped jeans, we want to see it all. Just don’t run out and get a perm, it’s not that serious.

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