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Battle Pinot Noir at FREIGHT

Battle Wine – A Unique Blind Tasting Experience

Wine BattleJoin us for Battle Wine, Weds. 1/23 @ 7pm. This is a blind tasting wine program. Battle Wine features five wines within a varietal or from a specific growing region. In January  participants will taste and score pinot noirs from around the world. Unlike other wine events Battle Wine is done blind. We believe that marketing, packaging and price play way too big a role in overall buying habits and chocies we make especially in the wine business. Battle wine looks to level the playing field so you can taste and score wines without the influence of these factors. Our on-staff sommelier will be availeblt o host the evnt and answer questions. This event is fun, informal and will sell out. Battle Pinot Noir costs $20pp and requires an advance reservation. Call FREIGHT 770-924-0144 to join the fun. Seats are going fast.

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