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holiday events in downtown woodstock

Have your Holiday Event in the best restaurants in Woodstock, GA

Have a jolly old time this season with a holiday event in the best restaurants in Woodstock, GA. We love our neighboring restaurants, but Freight should be your number one spot. Grab your friends, family, or colleagues and make it a night (or day) to remember. Freight hosts all kinds of parties for any number of guests. The holidays are a great time to get together and show each other you care. With the ease of our reservation system, you can plan your event ahead of time. Michelle and Preston are great at keeping up with reservations, ensuring that every little detail is noted. What day and time? How many people? Do you have any kids? Is anyone handicapped? Would you prefer inside or outside? Is it someone’s birthday? Of course, you can stick your cake in our cooler. However, it might cost you a slice…

Holiday Events in the Best Restaurants in Woodstock, GA

Reserve Now

Call today to book your reservation, but prepare to be interrogated because we want everything about your event to be perfect. If you’re phone shy, we understand. Visit our website to plan an event, just include all the gritty details. Imagine if you forgot to mention that grandpa is in a wheelchair and we booked you to be in the loft. You’d have to carry him up the stairs! Just kidding, we aren’t that mean, but you may end up having to wait for a different spot.

Don’t let the holiday season distract you from football season. Join us this Monday for NFL burger battle. Watch the Houston Texans play the Baltimore Ravens while you eat a team themed burger. Wash it down with a $4 local draft of your choice. Burgers will include:

Houston Texans Tex Mex – 8 oz. dry aged local beef patty topped with Tex Mex brisket.

Baltimore Ravens Blue Crab – 8 oz. dry aged local beef patty topped with Maryland style crab dip.

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