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local craft beer tasting with Orpheus brewing

Local Craft Beer Tasting with Orpheus Brewery

If there’s one thing Freight has a grip on, it’s local craft beer. Surely, you’ve heard about some of our previous beer dinners, but this is a bit different. The Orpheus beer tasting will allow you to taste six beers while you munch on some hors d’oeuvres. The best part is that you can vote for your favorite one to be on draft at Freight. Enjoy this entire experience for just $20. The tasting is Thursday January 11th at 7:00 PM. Don’t be late!

Local Craft Beer

More about Orpheus

Orpheus Brewing is nested in the heart of Atlanta, overlooking Piedmont Park and the Beltline. They focus on new hops, wild fermentations, and barrels. Each beer they craft must live up to their motto, “Don’t Look Back”, a motto we can all relate to as we enter a new year. local craft beer orpheus flyerSomething particularly unique about Orpheus is that each beer can features a distinct work of art. For example, the sour saison called Serpent Bite displays a woman wrapped in a snake as it bites her ankle. Seems fitting.

We are excited to host an event with yet another great local brewery. At Freight, we consider ourselves “conductors of local motives”. It’s not easy or cheap to keep up with the latest local craft beer and local meats and veggies, but it’s what we are passionate about. It’s who we are. And it’s what people love. Show us some love on January 11th at the Orpheus beer tasting. Be part of the process in choosing which brew we put on draft. Our fate is in your hands. The event will be an interactive learning experience as you will think deeper about the taste of your beer than probably ever before. Bring a friend and compare opinions, you may not have as much in common as you think. Cheers!

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