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Miss Universe in Best Restaurants in Downtown Woodstock, GA

Miss Universe in Best Restaurants in Downtown Woodstock, GA

Did you read that correctly? You sure did. Sabrina Pinion, winner of Miss Universe 2014, will be at one of the best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GA this Tuesday June 26th. Freight will serve dinner to Sabrina and over a dozen pageant delegates from around the world. Sabrina calls Georgia home and we can’t wait to have her here.

Best Restaurants in Woodstock, GA

About Sabrina

Upon being the first United States woman to win a Miss Universe crown, Sabrina and her husband started “The Pledge Campaign” Against Domestic Violence. The campaign focuses on encouraging men to be more involved in fighting against any kind of violence toward women, children, and animals. “Kids Pledge” helps kids understand how words can hurt and leave scars on the heart. “Her Pledge” asks women to take responsibility for who they allow to love them and set the bar higher for themselves. The Miss Universe position is for women of good moral character who can be positive role models, as Sabrina Pinion has exhibited through her charitable acts. Those are some big heels to fill.

pledge - best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GASabrina and her beautiful band of delegates look forward to meeting you. They will be available for pictures, autographs, questions, etc. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be inspired! You never know what these women could teach you. Sabrina is the director of Transcontinental Pageants, which is the preliminary title for Miss Universe, and its tagline is “beauty that inspires”.

Just as beauty pageants focus on both inner and outer beauty, Freight does this with food. We may plate your dish beautifully, but we care just as much about what’s in it. Like if Freight had a foodie pageant, the finalists would certainly be classic pork braise, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and salmon BLT. I mean hey, no one’s feelings get hurt in a foodie pageant.

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