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Monday night burger battles at restaurants near me

Monday Night Burger Battles at Restaurants Near Me

Did we mention how stoked we are for football season? Not just because of football, but because of Monday night burger battles at restaurants near me and you. Freight is known for its long history of Monday night burger battles. Every season, for every Monday night football game, Freight’s culinary team concocts two different burger recipes themed for the teams playing. Let’s see what’s in store for this Monday when the Seattle Seahawks face the Chicago Bears…

Seattle Seahawk Burger– 8 oz. local beef patty topped with a 4 oz. pan fried crab cake, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, avocado puree, and spicy remoulade sauce. There’s nothing like a little surf n turf action.

Chicago Bears Burger– 8 oz. local beef patty topped with sport peppers, tomato wedges, dill pickles, chopped onion, yellow mustard, and celery salt. Clearly this is a spinoff of a Chicago style hot dog.

You know what else makes Freight a great place for Mondays? We sell craft on draft for just $4! Wash down your burger with a brew as you enjoy the football game. And certainly don’t forget about our brewery of the month! Order any beer from Jekyll Brewing and receive a pint glass to take home (limit one per person). Come on, a 16 oz. draft and take-home Jekyll glass for only $4? You can’t beat it. If you’re not a beer person, that’s fine too. We’ve got plenty of yummy cocktails, a vast selection of bourbon, etc.

Let the battle begin! Which burger are you rooting for? It doesn’t matter to us as long as you enjoy it. We can’t wait to see you Monday! Feel free to call ahead and book a reservation just in case. Oh, and of course you can sport your team attire. In fact, we encourage it.

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