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thanksgiving at restaurants near me

Happy Thanksgiving at Restaurants Near Me

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re wondering which “restaurants near me” are open today, we’re sorry to say Freight Kitchen & Tap is not one of them. We like to give our employees this day off so they can spend time with friends and family. However, we are open on black Friday for normal hours from 11 AM to 11 PM. While you’re out black Friday shopping, don’t think your deals are limited to retail stores. Freight is doing deals of its own!

Did you know gift certificates to restaurants can make for excellent Christmas gifts? Stop in Freight Kitchen & Tap on black Friday for special offers on gift certificates. Buy one gift certificate of any amount you desire and receive a BONUS gift certificate for yourself or to regift! How cool is that? Buy a gift certificate worth up to $25, get a $5 one free. Buy one from $30 to $50, get a $10 one free. And if you buy one from $60 to $100, you get a $20 one free! What a great way to get you, your friends, and your family into Freight for an awesome meal.

Gift certificates are also a great way to get started on our loyalty program! Come in for lunch, brunch, or dinner and ask for a loyalty card. Each visit gets you one punch and after ten punches in your card, we buy you a meal. Similarly, we offer this program for bourbon. Buy ten bourbons and get one free! If you purchase a bourbon for $20 or more, we punch your card twice. And with our selection, you can run through your loyalty card four or five times without ever trying the same bourbon twice. Name another bar or restaurant where you can have this experience. We’ll wait.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.