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holiday party drinks @ Freight

Have Holiday Party Drinks @ Freight

Holiday Party Drinks

We are serving up wonderful holiday party drinks as we count down to the new year. 2017 is so close!

holiday party drinks
See our holiday party drink menu

Tis the season to try a new combination of delicious! Come and check out our special holiday party drinks menu. It is fun to try a new one each time you visit.

Pictured here is the Reindeer Elixir. It is a mixture of blackberry infused gin, cranberry, and champagne. It is finished with two fresh blackberries. It is fizzy, tangy, and it is just yummy!

There 6 other holiday drinks on the menu as well. From light and fizzy to creamy and rich, you can find the right one for you. Discover which one is your favorite. They are all so different. You have to try them all, right?

Along with your special cocktail selection, there are some great new winter dinner menu dishes to try. They pair nicely with our newest entree offerings. What does a great dinner near me look like?

New Dinner Dishes

Scallops – U10 seared scallops, smoky succotash, fried polenta, pea tendrils with a balsamic reduction.

Meatloaf – made with certified angus beef and served with red bliss mash potatoes, bacon braised greens, fried onions, and a red wine jus. See Bobby’s quick description!

Marinated Ribeye – 10 oz. certified angus cut with potato bacon hash, garlic snap beans, and a red wine jus.

These 3 new items to the winter dinner menu are a real treat. Each addition has a different reason to celebrate. The scallop dish is delicious and gluten free. The meatloaf is classic dish that sticks to your ribs. The ribeye is a great way to treat yourself to special rich flavors.

Come and try each one of these dishes to see why they are so special. Chef Bobby put great care in adding them to the winter dinner menu and we hope you feel the same way once you have tried each of them.

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