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Aged cocktails: infusing the flavors of the season into your cocktail

Aged cocktails Woodstock GA

Aged cocktails have made a splash on the Atlanta dining scene in recent years, but don’t fear. The mixologists in small town Woodstock, Georgia haven’t been left behind. In  fact they’ll be leading the cocktail scene this spring! And they have already enjoyed aging cocktails throughout the past year.  As a result of bartenders and mixologists pushing to achieve new heights of creativity, you can drop in at your local culinary haven and experience a cocktail that tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before.

This trend dates back to the early 19th century when cocktails were stored for convenience, with the added result that the ingredients of these cocktails mellowed as the different flavors integrated. Using old wooden barrels to store premixed cocktails for several weeks will give the drink an even more enhanced flavor. The effect is similar to the process that wine or whiskey goes through, where the wood gives the liquid some of its own intricate flavors. Oak, for example, enhances liquid with smoky vanilla and caramel notes. This lends an extra dimension to your drink and is a great experience for cocktail devotees as well as those new to the scene!

When you order an aged cocktail, you are getting a product that has been made with top quality alcohol, mixed to perfection and then expertly monitored over several weeks until it is at its ideal level of flavor and intricacy. This is a drink that needs talent and expertise behind it and can’t be produced quickly or cheaply – it’s a cocktail that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry. FREIGHT Kitchen & Tap has aged and infused several different cocktails over the past year including and Oak Aged Manhattan, 16-Week Classic Sazerac, Winter Spiced Aged Butter Rum, and an Infused Cranberry Vodka.

Cranberry Infused VodkaWith spring and summer on its way, talented bartenders are getting into gear for cocktail season to serve you with the most delicious, unique cocktails yet. With elements of orange blossom, fresh lemon, mint, pear, peaches and strawberry in their specially aged cocktails, your local restaurant and bar will deliver the taste of spring in a one-of-a-kind artisanal drink mixed by expert bartending staff.

Whether you are entertaining friends and colleagues or having a night out on the town, sipping one of these new additions to the bar menu while enjoying fresh, seasonal regional Southern fare and watching the sun go down is the perfect way to relax and start a great night out.

This spring, get down to Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock, Georgia to experience quality, well-aged cocktails and bar infusions at their best!

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