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Craft Cocktails Get a Southern Farm Fresh makeover with Infusions

This spring and summer one restaurant in Woodstock, GA is taking the craft cocktails movement to new levels. Last year the bar team at FREIGHT Kitchen & Tap introduced the area to the concept of in-house aged spirits. Working primarily with rums and whiskeys, the spirits were formed into classic cocktails and then aged on various oak casks from six to thirty weeks to impart mellow woody profiles to the classics. Now the FREIGHT bar team is working on adding to their repertoire of unique spirit profiles by crafting a line of house infused spirits. This spring and summer we’re adding the flavors of fresh melon, mint, berries, ginger, jalapeno, and citrus to all kinds of base spirits.

The farm to table movement has been a powerful force in the Atlanta dining scene for the past decade. Chefs across Atlanta have embraced the movement and decidedly made it about the use of local flavor, and supporting local farms. Now the FREIGHT team expands their restaurant’s role in the farm-to-table efforts by creating house made farm to cocktail infusions.

aged_cocktails_woodstock_gaThese tasty refreshing drinks include char-grilled jalapeno infused vodka, melon infused tequila, a local strawberry berry infused vodka, and mint/cucumber infused gin and more. These lighter white spirits are great bases for flavors. Alcohol manufactures have reaped massive success by going down the road of creating flavored sprits but they do it with mostly artificial flavors.  FREIGHT will be using fresh ingredients, many of which are local and decidedly Southern. The mixology team gets excited about finding local ingredients like peaches, pears and jalapenos to pair with base sprits such as gin and vodka.

Since its inception, FREIGHT Kitchen & Tap in downtown Woodstock has pushed the edge of the craft beer and cocktail movement outside the perimeter. You can enjoy a craft driven cocktail or a classic example of a pre-prohibition adult beverage any time at FREIGHT. The bar is open daily and is ready to serve!

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