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Local Craft Beer in Woodstock

Are you on the hunt for good, local craft beer in Woodstock? Look no further. Freight Kitchen & Tap is the best restaurant in Woodstock to enjoy all your favorite local craft beer. With 22 beers on tap at a time, we are able to offer a wide variety of styles to please even the pickiest palate. Right now, we have a little bit of everything. Porters, stouts, IPAs, hefeweizens, sours, lagers, even just the good ole pale ales. BUT, one of our beers right now sticks out like a sore thumb and we want you to try it… that is, if you are brave enough.

Local Craft Beer

D9 Brewing

While D9 Brewingis not as local as some of our Georgia friends, their home in Lake Norman, NC is not too far off the grid. Especially when we heard about one of their beers called “Infinite Improbability” from their Defying Gravity collection. What makes it so special? For starters, its color. This beer stunts a shockingly bright green hue to match its intergalactic flavor profile. Here is how D9 describes this beer on its website: “If the human palate was the vast void of space, what would it take to instantly guide the senses to an entirely different galaxy of flavor? Perhaps the answer lies in the marvelous and mysterious purple potato, itself resembling a strange, uncharted world. Our latest high gravity head trip is a sour ale as exciting and experimental as interstellar travel, and it’s sure to transport you through a whimsical wormhole to deliciously flipped out flavors.” When they say high gravity, they do not mean 8% or 9%. Infinite Improbability lands at an out-of-this-world 14% ABV! Could this beer be any more attractive?

Come to Freight any time to enjoy our selection of local craft beer. Mondays are the best because all drafts are only $4! See you soon.