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Spring Craft Beer: Maibocks & Dopplebocks

Spring is just around the corner and that means one thing to craft beer lovers: it’s almost time for maibocks and dopplebocks! These seasonal craft beers mark the transition from dark winter brews to the golden ales of summer, but just why do craft beer experts like Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock, Georgia love these brews so much?

Maibocks are a traditional spring beer that originated in Germany in the early 19th century. Although these beers have a lighter, golden hue and malty sweetness, they are balanced by the subtle bitterness of German hops and still have many elements in common with full-flavored winter brews. This unique combination of full-bodied flavour and summer refreshment makes them a desirable addition to any spring bar menu.

Dopplebocks are a stronger, darker spring beer with exceptional malty elements that date back to 16th century German monks. With relatively high sugar content, this beer was used as a source of nutrients and energy for fasting monks, giving it the name “liquid bread”. This is a luxuriously subtle, non-bitter beer that is an integral part of German spring traditions, and has found significant footing in American craft beer culture.


A guide to choosing the right spring craft beer

Maibocks are the perfect beer to enjoy on a warm spring afternoon or evening. Due to its refreshing but robust and full-flavored nature, you can pair this craft beer with anything from appetizers and light meals to a full steak dinner.

If you’d like to try the rich, luxurious dopplebock, you should pair it with more solid, flavorful dishes that can stand up to this beer’s robust, malty taste without being overwhelmed.

Visit Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock, Georgia, and try out the best in maibock and dopplebock spring craft beers that have been expertly matched to our locally sourced regional Southern fare.

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