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The Art of a Brunch Bloody Mary

When it comes to the ever-popular Bloody Mary cocktail, there is an endless list of recipes and variations that exclusive restaurants and bars swear by which is not surprising when you realize that this is the most popular brunch cocktail throughout America!

This iconic cocktail’s strong, spicy flavor and vodka kick stands up well to rich, indulgent brunch fare. This perfect pre-noon beverage is also a common “hair of the dog” solution for those that have overindulged the night before, due to its vitamin-rich tomato content.

There is no real difference between a brunch Bloody Mary and the cocktail you would be served in the evening, but you can always ask for a second shot of vodka and add some more hot sauce to give it a more grown-up feel.

When it comes to making the perfect Bloody Mary, experience and experimentation is essential! Finding just the right ratio of tomato, spice and vodka will get everyone coming back for seconds and raving about your mixology skills.

Quality ingredients are also very important – make sure that you use a good make of tomato juice (if you do not want to make your own from scratch) and premium vodka, so your cocktail tastes of quality and refinement. Bloody Mary’s get exponentially more exciting when you  think about all the garnishes that you can add to your glass. It’s often said that the a Bloody Mary is the best complete balanced breakfast food.

Bloody Mary in Downtown featuring Titos' Handmade Texas VodkaYour Bloody Mary cocktail becomes an art form when you add your own particular flair to your basic mix of vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper. Adding avocado or garlic to your tomato juice mix can give your cocktail extra flavour, nutrients and smoothness, while black pepper, horseradish and lemon will add extra punch for those that love the spicy life. You can really take your Bloody Mary to the next level with FREIGHT Kitchen & Tap’s signature Bloody Mary Bar. This DIY experience includes some fifteen to eighteen garnishes that go well beyond celery. Try out: Pickled okra, beans, several kinds of peppers, smoked oysters, sardines, shrimp, bacon, and various pickles not mention a pantry full of seasonings and sauces to add that final touch. The Bloody Mary experience at FREIGHT is like no other in downtown Woodstock

Like all art, when you add your passion into the mix you will get something that is uniquely yours. At Freight Kitchen & Tap our passion is for quality local produce and signature turn of the century cocktails – and in our Bloody Mary’s we combine both. Join us in Woodstock, Georgia for an exclusive brunch and experience our unique and delicious Bloody Marys for some inspiration!

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