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The Art of a Brunch Mimosa

When you combine crisp champagne or sparkling wine with freshly squeezed, sweet orange juice you end up with a Mimosa – the perfect partner to a memorable Woodstock, Georgia brunch. This easily prepared Parisian cocktail adds a splash of festivity to your occasion, and has become a staple at brunch events everywhere.

Because of its reasonable alcohol content, Mimosas are guaranteed to give you maximum flavor with minimum risk of landing yourself with a mid-morning headache. Here are some great tips on how to serve the perfect Mimosa:

  1. Maintain the perfect ratio. The best Mimosas are half champagne/sparkling wine and half orange juice in order to give you the best possible flavor. When you are making your Mimosas, add the champagne/sparkling wine first and then the juice to prevent sticky glasses from overflowing bubbly.
  2. Use quality ingredients. Because of the limited ingredients and half to half ratio in this cocktail, your guests will be able to taste the difference between quality champagne/sparkling wine and a poorer version. The same principle should be applied to the orange juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice is not only healthier; it will add vibrancy and punch to your Mimosa.
  3. Serve ice cold. The only way to serve a Mimosa is thoroughly chilled, as this enhances the flavor and refreshing nature of this cocktail. Keep your ingredients in the fridge before you start to serve them, and return them as soon as your first round is being served in order to keep your cocktails at their best.
  4. Add your own flair. Adding signature flair to your Mimosas is a great way to stamp them with your own personal style. Add a splash of orange liqueur for additional flavor or garnish with raspberries, orange slices or mint for attractive, refreshing contrast.

At Freight Kitchen & Tap our expert bar staff strives to deliver the most delicious Mimosas in Woodstock, Georgia. Come in today and enjoy our exclusive, locally sourced Southern brunch fare while sipping on one of our unique, inspirational Mimosas! Better yet take the Mimosa experience to a new level when you test drive your culinary magic by playing with the DIY Mimosa Bar available at brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Just like our Bloody Mary station the mimosa bar is stocked with fresh garnishes and ingredients for you to create a wild a flavorful mimosa. Our mimosa bar has several seasonal fruits and a variety of juices so get out of that same old champagne and oj and get into the new craft of mimosa art!

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