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A FREIGHT Approach to Tailgating

Football season is finally here.  At FREIGHT we’re cooking up a new approach to enjoying game day. If you’ve tailgated anywhere in the south you’ll know that the game day experience includes enjoying great food and drink long before the first touchdown happens.

For many years I was fortunate to enjoy the company of good friends while getting a first hand look at what makes tailgating culture in the south some of the best in the country. The game day experience is a special one and often takes on a unique feel from stadium to stadium throughout America….

So while we can’t get you on the field with your favorite team on Saturdays and Sundays, you can count on us to cook up something tasty. Each weekend our culinary team at FREIGHT will feature a game day entree highlighting the culinary exploits of one of the visiting teams. So while we’ll still root for the home team on the gridiron we’ll also be exploring what the visitors to our town cook when they crank up the tailgate!

Got some suggestions for the visiting team cook-off… let us know and jump inot the conversation on our Facebook page.


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