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dinner at restaurants near me

Delicious Dinner at Restaurants Near Me

“Where can I get the most delicious dinner at restaurants near me?” Have no fear because Freight’s new Nashville style hot chicken entrée is here. A dinner menu exclusive, it’s the perfect dish to satisfy your evening cravings. Hot chicken is a true southern staple jam packed with not only flavor, but history too.

Dinner at Restaurants Near Me

Nashville Hot Chicken

Word on the street is that spicy fried chicken has been a part of Nashville’s African-American communities for generations dating back as early as the 1930s. Today’s style of spice paste may only be as young as the 1970s. Andre Prince Jeffries, owner of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, and her family have been dubbed the originators of hot chicken. She has operated the restaurant since 1980 and her great-uncle, Thornton Prince III, owned it before that. Needless to say, their family business had a positive impact on the culinary world of the south.

Freight’s own Chef Preston didn’t want to go against tradition when he was inspired to add hot chicken to our menu. We use the classic plating style – painted fried chicken breast atop a slice of white bread, sprinkled with a few house made pickles, and served with a side of seasoned French fries. Simple, yet oh so satisfying. We’ve had such positive feedback on our hot chicken that we don’t want anyone to miss out! Consider yourself warned that it may be the best dinner you’ve had in a while.

Hot chicken isn’t the only new item on our menu. If you haven’t been to Freight in the last few weeks, you might not be aware of our summer menu changes. Try new appetizers like hummus or pork shanks. Check out the updated version of chicken and waffles, did you know we gave its old recipe the boot? Yeah, we’re that crazy. We even changed the gouda mac and cheese to skillet bacon mac. We promise it’s all for the better.

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