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Steak Au Poivre Dinner in Woodstock GA

Delicious Dinner in Woodstock GA

Looking for the right place to have a delicious dinner in Woodstock GA? Well, stop looking! Freight Kitchen & Tap is your destination for an exceptional dining experience.

Dinner in Woodstock GA

Chef Bobby designs the winter menu thoughtfully to highlight freshness. He includes fresh produce from local farms at every opportunity. One great example of this farm to table approach is the Steak Au Poivre dinner. Bobby uses the locally sourced fresh mushrooms from Loud Mouth Farms to accompany the Steak. The mushroom type can change from week to week based on what the farm supply has available. Even though there is variation of mushroom type, Bobby enjoys this variety and embraces the chance to serve the freshest ingredients.

We invite you to come and try all of our dinner entrees one enjoyable bite at a time. See some of our winter selections of our dinner menu that interest you. We are introducing a new way to present the Scallops that makes it now a gluten free option. There are two completely new dishes; a new Meatloaf dish and a new Ribeye dish. We also have a very popular Shrimp & Grits wonton appetizer served with a smokey tomato broth for dipping.

Do not worry, we have our classic well-loved items like Shrimp & Grits and the Pork Braise. The Chicken Fried Chicken and the perfectly cooked Burger are also there as items you can count on to be consistently delicious. We understand how nice it is to have your favorites there ready for the taking! So come and get i!

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