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Ribeye Dinner @ restaurants near me

Have Dinner at Restaurants Near Me

Question to ask yourself, “Are there any new wonderful dinner dishes at restaurants near me?” The answer is yes! Come to Freight Kitchen & Tap and discover 3 new dinner dishes.

3 New Dinner Dishes at Restaurants Near Me

Our new scallop dish is now gluten free. You may say, “Hey, you already served scallops. That is not new.” You are right but now we have a new presentation. The use of polenta makes the dish gluten free. The pea tendrils on top are nice way to highlight the fresh scallops. It has been a big hit. Come and give it a try.

The new meatloaf dish has already become one of our guest’s favorites. Meatloaf is the quintessential comfort food. Two thick slices of meatloaf sit on top of red bliss mashed potatoes and bacon braised greens.  A red wine jus is drizzled all around the plate and it is finally topped with fried onions. Yum!

We added a new ribeye dish as well. This is a seriously awesome cut of beef. It is 10 oz of ribeye on top of bacon potato hash. The garlic snap beans and red wine jus balance the dish perfectly. You gotta see what we mean by delicious. Order this one the next time you are there.

We even added a new special appetizer. The Shrimp & Grits Wontons are very popular. Imagine our famous shrimp and grits wrapped in a wonton and served with a smoky tomato broth for dipping. It is really a great way to start your meal with friends.

Our menu is seasonal so give these all a try before spring. It is your chance to enjoy the warm feeling of comfort food with some elevate flavors. It is farm to table dining at its best. Welcome to 2017 delicious dinners!

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