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Untapped App for Craft Beers

UnTappd App For Craft Beer Lovers

Are you a craft beer lover? If you are, we recommend you download the UnTappd App on your smartphone. It is free to download and it allows you to find, consume, and share your experiences with your friends. Visit the main UnTappd site for more information.

Love Craft Beer?

Recently, Freight Kitchen & Tap joined the UnTappd community so we can better share our complete list of beers with you. We change the list all the time and Untappd allows realtime updates.

Now, all you need to do is download the app for free and become part of the community of people who love craft beer. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Once you download the app on your phone and open it, go to the search page.

Search for craft beers on Untappd
UnTappd search page

To start, go to the search page and choose the center bottom icon with the bottles and magnifying glass on the black global navigation area.  Then, select the top tab that says VENUE. Use the top field to type in Freight Kitchen & Tap. As you type, search results will narrow below. Our entry shows up once you type in Freight Ki.

Recognize us by our track logo. See our address as well as how we are categorized. Select the Freight Kitchen & Tap “card” to bring to our home page.




The UnTappd Freight home page has a lot of information that can help you.

See Freight's craft beer
UnTappd Freight Kitchen & Tap home page

The map icon takes you right to the google maps app and gives you driving directions. The events icon shows all of the events that relate to drinking beer. The call icon brings up a modal screen that will allow to choose to call us or change your mind. The photos icon shows you all the photos taken by friends of Freight. The details icon gives you more information like hours of operation, website link, address, and other things that describe us.

The notifications setting defaults to All Alerts. There is an easy way to get a ride with Uber. It does require you to have the Uber app already.

Below the Uber button are two tabs Menus and Activity. The Menu tab lists all of our beers that are either currently being served or will be served soon (on deck). When beers change from on deck to on draft, your notifications can update you if either All Alerts or New Beers are your setting. The Activity tab shows all the posts made by any friends of Freight.

choose a craft beer from this list
The UnTappd beer list for Freight Kitchen & Tap

This is a look at the Menu tab list. You can scroll and see what Beers we serve. One of our popular beers, for example, is Jude. Jude is a belgian tripel brewed by Reformation Brewery, which is one of the local breweries we love to have as a partner. If you have not tried this beer, we highly recommend it. A tripel is a belgian style beer distinguished by the brewing process. Up to three times the malt is used and produces complex aroma and flavor. Give it try!

If you order Jude, share the experience with anyone you “friend” in the app.



Enjoy craft beer - Jude
Enjoying a tall glass of Jude by Reformation.

While enjoying your glass of Jude, you can CHECK-IN and let others know. You learn more about the beer and see others comments and ratings on this page.

Take a photo of your experience drinking Jude and post it! It is fun and it builds a community of sharing that informs you. We hope you like it.

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