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Partner Farms at restaurants near me

Local Partners at Restaurants Near Me

Do you say to yourself, “I know nothing about the local partners at restaurants near me”? If so, we’re here to help educate you. Well, we can at least educate you on Freight Kitchen & Tap’s local partners. We’ve already familiarized you with Forerunner Foods produce, Coleman Farms chicken, and Bear Creek beef, but we have other friends you don’t know about.

“There is no denying the quality of Georgia pecans”, reads the Pearson Farmwebsite. These folks have been in business for over 130 years, so they know a thing or two about pecans. That’s why we partner with them to bring the state’s finest pecans out of Fort Valley, GA into downtown Woodstock, GA. You’ll find these delicious pecans on Freight’s salmon salad and beet salad.

Did you know that Bear Creek Cattle Company isn’t our only partner in Ellijay, GA? We also love our friends at Mercier Orchards. Since 1943, the Mercier family has fruitfully harvested some of Georgia’s best tasting apples. Take a trip there next time you’re in north Georgia near the Blue Ridge mountains! Those scrumptious apples you taste on our chicken and waffles and in our spiced rum cider come straight from Mercier Farms.

In other news, we hope you don’t plan to spend Super Bowl Sunday with us because we will be closed! Don’t worry though, you can still pregame with us at brunch until we shut our doors at 4 PM. Spend your Super Bowl at home on the couch with friends and family because that’s what we’ll be doing. And remember, no matter which team you root for, we won’t judge you (as long as it’s not the Patriots). Let’s just celebrate the fact that Atlanta is a cool enough place to even host the Super Bowl. Fry up some chicken wings, crack open the beers, and enjoy the game.