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Eat, Drink Local

Making Brunch a Weekend Tradition. Eat Local.

Brunch (the combination of breakfast and lunch) is a great tradition in Woodstock, GA, but to get an authentic brunch experience with quality Southern fare, you need to look further than your local breakfast franchise. Why not treat yourself to the real deal and visit a restaurant that specializes in fantastic local ingredients and top quality food? When you do, you won’t ever look back!

According to popular history, brunch has its origins in 19th century England, when aristocrats would gather for a late morning meal after festivities or early morning hunts. It grew in popularity, especially here in America, and it’s not hard to see why. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds – sweet dishes alongside savory ones, hot dishes next to cold, and it even has its own range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages!

Because of the huge range of dishes and ingredients that are appropriate to brunch, the only limit to the menu is our imagination, and well storage space. The Franchise restaurant experience is certainly consistent but by their nature aren’t necessarily creative or assertive with their cooking style or culinary approach. They are limited in what they can offer while  restaurants like Freight Kitchen & Tap can really stretch boundaries and give customers a wide range of innovative, taste sensations and menu ingredients.

Outdoor DiningWe also have a great outdoor deck where you can enjoy your brunch in style under the beautiful Atlanta morning sun while sipping a mimosa or sucking down your own crafted Bloody Mary. Freight is a perfect way to enjoy your weekend morning and catch up with family and friends. Talented bartenders are on hand to whip up refreshing Bloody Mary’s and tangy Mimosas, and waiters are on hand to advise you on what the menu has to offer that will tantalize your taste buds!

Expand your brunch experience by trying something new with Freight Kitchen & Tap’s innovative brunch menu. We have something to suit every taste and we only use the best locally sourced ingredients for our unique Southern fare, whether it is brunch, breakfast or lunch. Contact our restaurant in Woodstock, GA today!

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