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Come Support Kelcey in Best Restaurants in Woodstock, GA

How do the best restaurants in Woodstock, GA give back? We raise awareness on real problems and come together as a community. Behind Freight Kitchen & Tap, we’re a family and go beyond the call of duty to support each other. This time, it’s about saving the life of one of Freight’s very own…

Kelcey, one of our veteran servers/bartenders, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (she’s in her early twenties). As you can imagine, this is a frightening time for her. On top of that, she’s set to marry the love of her life this coming October. The absolute least we can do is host a fundraiser to help pay for her medical expenses.

On Sunday August 19th at 4 PM, join us for a backyard barbecue “party” on Kelcey’s behalf. For $30 a person, enjoy all the grilled food you can eat and an allotment of two drink tickets. The cost for nondrinkers is $25. The Giving Kitchen will match efforts up to $2,500. Raffles and drawings will also take place.

Hundreds of thousands of women, and even men, are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. October is breast cancer awareness month and because Kelcey’s wedding is in October, we pray she is cancer free by then. The Woodstock community is working together to make sure she is taken care of financially throughout this scary process. But based on our community’s extensive resume of charitable acts, it should be a piece of cake. Kelcey has a lovely soul and a free spirit, and as hard as it is to watch her go through this, she’s a tough cookie and we have faith in her. Please visit Freight this Sunday and support a great cause. Cancer affects many of our loved ones, so let’s all pull together for Kelcey this weekend.

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