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NFL goes well with Local craft beer in best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GA

Wow! Week three of NFL already? Fall really must be just around the corner. But what’s also just around the corner is Monday night burger battle at Freight. As the originators of NFL burger battle, we take pride in these weekly creations. It’s simple – we produce two different burger recipes with inspiration from the towns of the teams that play each other. Then, you choose which side you’re on by sinking your teeth into one of these tasty burgers! They’re extra tasty because all of our beef comes from Bear Creek Cattle Company in nearby Ellijay, GA. Now let’s see what Monday September 24thhas in store for you…

The NFL & Local Craft Beer

The two battling burgers

Pittsburgh Steelers Primanti Burger– 8 oz. local beef patty topped with seasoned fries, tomato, coleslaw, cheddar cheese, and spicy ranch dressing. Sounds relevant and delicious!

Bang Bang Buccaneer Burger– 8 oz. local beef patty topped with fried bang bang shrimp, shredded lettuce, and diced tomato. A nice taste of the coast!

Monday’s burger battle should be interesting because one of Freight’s owners, Rob, is a huge Steelers fan! Hopefully they win – we don’t want to disappoint the boss man.

We hope to see you Monday September 24th! Pair your burger with a local craft on draft for just $4. To make things even better, order any beer from Dry County Brewing and take home a complimentary pint glass. Why? It’s our brewery of the month! September is almost over, so hurry up.

Be sure to stay tuned as fall rolls around – our new menu is on the way. Chef Preston and company are at the homestretch with it. Let’s say goodbye to this hot weather and hello to autumn and comfort food. We’ll get some darker, richer beers in as well. We can hardly wait!

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