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best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GA

Bacon and Banjos – Best Restaurants in Downtown Woodstock, GA

What are some things that make you happy? If this were a poll, top tier answers would most likely include family, friends, music, and… bacon. Yes, bacon. Sorry vegetarians, but even you guys can’t denounce America’s love for said meat. That’s why many of the best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GA are participating in this weekend’s event.

Bacon and Banjos is Saturday May 19thfrom 11 AM to 5 PM. For just $5, celebrate life’s greatest things (friends, family, music, and bacon) all at once. Held at the Northside Hospital Cherokee Amphitheater, Bacon and Banjos will feature some of the best bluegrass performers in the southeast. That explains the banjos, but what about the bacon? Well, local chefs from all your favorite restaurants will compete against each other with their best bacon inspired dishes. Watch out because Freight Kitchen & Tap is a competitor and we’re readily armed.

Chef Preston will represent Freight alongside many of the other best restaurants in downtown Woodstock, GA. Each competitor has their own food tent to present their delicious bacon masterpieces. Visit Freight’s tent for vanilla cake donut holes with maple bacon filling. You’ll also be tempted to try our two different types of house cured bacon. However, nothing bacon related in all of Woodstock can combat our secret weapon – bacon sushi. Freight’s bacon sushi is far from regular sushi. It consists of a woven bacon sheet, pimento cheese grits, pickled green tomato slivers, candied Tasso ham (Cajun hog shoulder), maple yum yum sauce, and smoked Vidalia peach relish. Talk about a flavor explosion.

It’s May, it’s Georgia, it’s hot. If you’re going to sweat, you might as well sweat while eating bacon and jamming to bluegrass. Have yourself a true southern Saturday at Bacon and Banjos. Be there, be square, or be there and square dance.

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