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Memorial Day in Downtown Woodstock, GA

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day in downtown Woodstock, GA? While Memorial Day is recognized all over America, it’s extra significant in our quaint little town. Don’t miss the Memorial Day ceremony Monday May 27that 10 AM at The Park at City Center. Woodstock remembers and honors the lives of those lost while fighting for our country in the armed forces. We thank everyone who continues to serve for our freedom.

On a lighter note, Freight Kitchen & Tap has something new and exciting to share. This past Monday was our very first ever industry night. Industry night is something certain restaurants and businesses do to show appreciation for those in the restaurant/customer service industry. Freight is super happy to now be a part of this movement. From now on, every Monday night at Freight is industry night. This means we not only serve craft on draft for $4 as we have in the past, but $4 well drinks too! This industry exclusive deal is a steal considering well drinks are usually $7 a pop. Not only that, but dinner is 20% off to anyone who works in the restaurant industry. Take advantage of this solid opportunity, fellow restaurant workers. You’ve absolutely earned it.

Don’t forget about our brewery of the month, Scofflaw Brewing! We finally got a shipment of some hip Scofflaw pint glasses that we’re ready to hand out with any Scofflaw beer you purchase. Hurry up because they’re only up for grabs while supplies last.

So much is happening in downtown Woodstock right now! Summer isn’t even here until June and the city is already popping off with concerts, farmers markets, and other fun events. Come be a part of all this grand excitement. You’re truly missing out. So we’ll see you this weekend, right?